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Plaka’s oldest restaurant continues to receive connoisseurs of the finest that Greek traditional cuisine has to offer. The emphasis here is on top qualityin the realms of taste and service.
For more than two decades, The Fisherman’s Taverna, with the guarantee of Vlassis Stathokostopoulos’ Group, has been living proof that the Plaka has much more to offer than the usual tourist traps. This traditional taverna is the preferred choice of distinguished personalities of the political world, business circuit and art scene. The Fisherman’s Taverna attracts guests of all ages looking for the best in authentic Greek cuisine. Regardless of the name, the selection available is not limited to fish but includes a broad range of traditional Greek dishes.


The Fisherman’s Taverna - 16 Erechtheos, Plaka | Athens | Greece
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210 3218733
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